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For a list of enemies in each level, see the Enemies per Level page.

Gem Quests (普通战场)

Region Name # Quest Name EP (耐力消耗) Stage (回合) EXP (经验值) Coin (获得金钱)
Dark Temple 33-5Death Deep15107230~20,000
33-4The Dark108~20,000
33-3Shining in the Darkness1086,418~20,000
33-2Ghost Princess1086,037~20,000
33-1Gloomy Witch1085,937~20,000
Bright Temple 32-5Love Advance12106,800~20,000
32-4Love Guard108~20,000
32-3Knight of Honor108~20,000
32-1Legend Angel1084,398~20,000
Natural Sanctuary 31-5Forest God12108,455~20,000
31-4Forest Princess108~20,000
31-3Guardians of the Forest1085,305~20,000
31-2Dragon Knight108~20,000
31-1Sky Knight1084,908~20,000
Frost Temple 30-5Bouquet of Wine12107,687~20,000
30-4Knights of the God1085,030~20,000
30-3Keepers of the God1084,823~20,000
30-2The Song of the Sea1084,537~20,000
30-1Mermaid Princess1084,462~20,000
Fire Shrine 29-5Rage of Hephaestus12106,989~20,000
29-4Flame Knight1084,573~20,000
29-3Flame Princess1084,385~20,000
29-2The Flame of Miko1084,125~20,000
29-1Armed Escort1084,057~20,000
Lost Canyon 28-5Canyon Magic12106,354
28-4Stealthy Crones1074,158
28-2Dark Magic Seminar107
28-1Warlock Triumvirate107
Abandoned Temples 27-5Radiant Firmament1210
27-4Smile of the Goddess1073,895
27-3Temple Ruins1074,254
27-2Sages of Light1073,485
27-1Knight of Holly Radiance1073,269
Mountain Top 26-5The Immovable Object12106,058
26-4Forest Eden1074,059
26-3Forest Labyrinth1073,458
26-2Druid Seminar1073,879
26-1Bushmeater Hunter1073,458
Great Falls 25-5Cataract12106,125
25-4Deepsea Seduction1074,215
25-2Aqua Masters Seminar1073,687
25-1Leviathan Alliance1073,368
Volcano 24-5The Unstoppable Force12106,045
24-4Flame Queen1074,053~16000
24-3Lava Hole1073,685
24-2Flame Magic Seminar1073,578
24-1The Three Musketeers1073,248
Tomb of Saints 23-5High Sacred Precincts12105,140
23-4Goddess Anger1073,367~8,000
23-3Temple Portal1073,219~8,000
23-2Kingdom of the Dead1072,881~8,000
23-1Sacred Cloister1073,374~8,000
The Flowers Tower 22-5Centaur Lord11103,870
22-4Dryads Ablaze972,400~7,000
22-3Terra Fiend972,900~7,000
22-2Great Druid's Grove971,800~7,000
22-1Elemental Triumvirate972,525~7,000
Tower of the Polar Light 21-5Aqueous Terror11103,800
21-4Kiss of the Succubus972,309
21-3Demonic Knight972,736
21-2The Dark Palace971,792
Tower of the Light 20-5Artillery Master11103,521
20-4Flame Dance972,172
20-3Justice Knight972,718
20-2Temple of the Holy One971,769
20-1Tunnel of Purification972,511
Altar of the High Lord 19-5Lord of the Undead1173,612
19-4Orc Triumvirate 2972,714
19-3Orc Triumvirate 1972,841
19-2Witches Alliance972,645
19-1Orc Alliance972,541
Castle of Midnight 18-5Phantom Dragon King1072,987
18-4Dark and Water872,347
18-2Lilith Comes872,248
18-1Luna Orc872,014
Temple of Justice 17-5Incandescent Dragon King1072,847
17-4Light and Fire872,047
17-2Angel Comes871,954
17-1Incandescent Orc871,805
Forest of Confusion 16-5Natural Force Dragon King972,856
16-4Nature and Light771,957
16-3Tree Spirit771,965
16-2Saros Comes771,845
16-1Earth Orc771,654
Seabed Grotto 15-5Frost Dragon King972,579
15-4Water and Nature771,758
15-2Siren Comes771,875
15-1Frost Orc771,524
Searing Desert 14-5Blaze Dragon King972,480
14-4Fire and Water771,580
14-3Dwarf Gunner771,679
14-2Lina Comes771,786
14-1Flame Orc771,450
Giant's Tower 13-5Lava Lord751,925~4,800
13-4Lava Giant55865~3,200
13-3Raptors Rally55999~3,000
13-2Orc Rally55912
13-1Elven Guards55885~2,000
Tomb of Corruption 12-5Shadow Dragon Soldier751,368
12-4Dark Ops55825
12-3Shadow Drake55987
12-2Violet Orc55987
12-1Moonshadow Ghost55925
Shrine of Light 11-5Holy Radiance Dragon Soldier751,480
11-3Holy Radiance Dragon55968
11-2Topaz Orc55884
11-1Sunlight Elf55878
Druid Grove 10-5Holy Wood Dragon Soldier751,358
10-3Holy Wood Drake55958
10-2Jade Orc55821
10-1Forest Elf55905
Cavern of Miasma 9-5Crystal Dragon Soldier751,050
9-3Crystal Dragon55854
9-2Cyan Orc55769
9-1Spume Elf55812
Canyon of Flames 8-5Lava Dragon Soldier75996
8-4Fire Hag Rally55784
8-3Lava Drake55792
8-2Crimson Orc55769
8-1Flame Elves Riot55758
Tower of the Elements 7-3Lava Giant53743
7-2Orc Rally33495
7-1Elven Guards33426
Gauntlet of Dark 6-3Phantom Dragon53587
6-2Violet Orc33389
6-1Moonshadow Ghost33359
Gauntlet of Light 5-3Incandescent Dragon53480
5-2Topaz Orc33328
5-1Sunlight Elf33217
Gauntlet of Nature 4-3Natural Force Dragon53542
4-2Jade Orc33297
4-1Forest Elf33268
Gauntlet of Water 3-3Frost Dragon53415
3-2Cyan Orc33289
3-1Spume Elf33245
Gauntlet of Fire 2-3Blaze Dragon53386
2-2Crimson Orc33268
2-1Flame Elf33225
First Foray 1-3The First Quest33
1-2Newbie Quest33
1-1The Start of the Adventure33

Time Limited Quests

Weekly Quest (每周限時戰場)

Region Name # Quest Name EP (耐力消耗) Stage (回合) EXP (經驗值) Coin (獲得金錢)
Defendors of Temple(TUE)c.Temple of Fire25104,000~11,000
b.Temple of Water25104,000~11,000
a.Temple of Wood25104,000~11,000
Spirit Rebellion (WED)a.Spirit Rebellion (Normal)105200
b.Spirit Rebellion (Difficulty)255800
Garden of Dragons(THU)a.Garden of Dragons105
War of Elementals(FRI)a.War of Elementals105
Gold Quest (SAT/SUN)c.Hard20103,000~55,000

Special Quests

Region Name # Quest Name EP (耐力消耗) Stage (回合) EXP (經驗值) Coin (獲得金錢)
Capture Gold Dragona.Capture Gold Dragon2071,200
Capture Metal Dragona.Capture Metal Dragon155900
The Vengeful Goddess Comesa.The Vengeful Goddess Comes401014,375~25,000
The Zeus Questa.The Zeus Quest505
The Halloween's Partya.The Halloween's Party
Nightmare Santac.Master5010
Gift of Cupida.Gift of Cupid

Trial Quests (限時戰場)

Region Name # Quest Name EP (耐力消耗) Stage (回合) EXP (經驗值) Coin (獲得金錢)
Hot Weaponc.Master1553,245
Frostbrand Weaponc.Master1553,245
Feral Weaponc.Master1553,245
Blessed Weaponc.Master1553,245
Fallen Weaponc.Master1553,245
Dragon Ages: Firec.Master50108,245~12,000
Dragon Ages: Waterc.Master50108,245~12,000
Dragon Ages: Naturec.Master50108,245~11,000
Dragon Ages: Lightc.Master50108,245~11,000
Dragon Ages: Darkc.Master50108,245~12,000
Magma Dragon Attackc.Magma Dragon Attack Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Magma Dragon Attack Clash25106,587
a.Magma Dragon Attack Skirmish1551,789
Winged Sea Wurmc.Sea Wurm Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Sea Wurm Clash25106,587
a.Sea Wurm Skirmish1551,789
Winged Mountain Dragonc.Winged Mountain Dragon Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Winged Mountain Dragon Clash25106,587
a.Winged Mountain Dragon Skirmish1551,789
Lofty Winged Dragonc.Lofty Dragon Endgame1012,475~9,000
b.Lofty Dragon Clash106,587
a.Lofty Dragon Skirmish51,789
Infernal Winged Dragonc.Infernal Dragon Endgame1012,475~9,000
b.Infernal Dragon Clash106,587
a.Infernal Dragon Skirmish51,789
Zhu Que Fallsc.Zhu Que Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Temple of Zhu Que25106,587
a.House of Zhu Que1551,789
Xuan Wu Fallsc.Xuan Wu Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Temple of Xuan Wu25106,587
a.House of Xuan Wu1551,789
Qing Long Fallsc.Qing Long Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Qing Long Sanctuary25106,587
a.Shrine of Qing Long1551,789
Bai Hu Fallsc.Bai Hu Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Temple of Bai Hu25106,587
a.House of Bai Hu1551,789
Kylin Attacksc.Kylin Endgame501012,475~9,000
b.Kylin Sanctuary25106,587
a.Kylin Temple1551,789
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