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The following are the evolution pets needed to evolve a pet. All information is taken from version 3.3.12 of the game.

Pet # Pet Name (名稱) Element (屬性) V Evolution Pets
001i1Blaze Hatchling2Fire 1/4152i
002i2Blaze Drake3Fire 2/4153i 155i
003i3Blaze Dragon4Fire 3/4154i 153i 152i 155i 147i
004i4Blaze Dragon King5Fire 4/4N/A
005i5Frost Hatchling2Water 1/4152i
006i6Frost Drake3Water 2/4153i 156i
007i7Frost Dragon4Water 3/4154i 153i 152i 156i 148i
008i8Frost Dragon King5Water 4/4N/A
009i9Hyper Hatchling2Nature 1/4152i
010i10Hyper Drake3Nature 2/4153i 157i
011i11Hyper Dragon4Nature 3/4154i 153i 152i 157i 149i
012i12Hyper Dragon King5Nature 4/4N/A
013i13Lucent Hatchling2Light 1/4152i
014i14Lucent Drake3Light 2/4153i 158i
015i15Lucent Dragon4Light 3/4154i 153i 152i 158i 150i
016i16Lucent Dragon King5Light 4/4N/A
017i17Phantom Hatchling2Dark 1/4152i
018i18Phantom Drake3Dark 2/4153i 159i
019i19Phantom Dragon4Dark 3/4154i 153i 152i 159i 151i
020i20Phantom Dragon King5Dark 4/4N/A
021i21Lava Hatchling2Fire 1/3153i 152i 155i
022i22Lava Drake3Fire 2/3154i 154i 153i 152i 155i
023i23Lava Dragon4Fire 3/3N/A
024i24Crystal Hatchling2Water 1/3153i 152i 156i
025i25Crystal Drake3Water 2/3154i 154i 153i 152i 156i
026i26Crystal Dragon4Water 3/3N/A
027i27Holy Nature Hatchling2Nature 1/3153i 152i 157i
028i28Holy Nature Drake3Nature 2/3154i 154i 153i 152i 157i
029i29Holy Nature Dragon4Nature 3/3N/A
030i30Radiance Hatchling2Light 1/3153i 152i 158i
031i31Radiance Drake3Light 2/3154i 154i 153i 152i 158i
032i32Radiance Dragon4Light 3/3N/A
033i33Shadow Hatchling2Dark 1/3153i 152i 159i
034i34Shadow Drake3Dark 2/3154i 154i 153i 152i 159i
035i35Shadow Dragon4Dark 3/3N/A
036i36Spark Elf1Fire 1/2155i
037i37Flame Elf2Fire 2/2N/A
038i38Mist Elf1Water 1/2156i
039i39Spume Elf2Water 2/2N/A
040i40Meadow Elf1Nature 1/2157i
041i41Forest Elf2Nature 2/2N/A
042i42Glimmer Elf1Light 1/2158i
043i43Sunlight Elf2Light 2/2N/A
044i44Dark Elf1Dark 1/2159i
045i45Moonshadow Elf2Dark 2/2N/A
046i46Scarlet Wizard1Fire 1/3155i
047i47Flame Wizard2Fire 2/3166i 160i 155i 155i 155i
206i206Fire Wizard4Fire 3/3N/A
048i48Indigo Wizard1Water 1/3156i
049i49Torrent Wizard2Water 2/3167i 160i 156i 156i 156i
207i207Sea Wizard4Water 3/3N/A
050i50Jade Wizard1Nature 1/3157i
051i51Hyper Wizard2Nature 2/3168i 160i 157i 157i 157i
208i208Dream Wizard4Nature 3/3N/A
052i52Pale Wizard1Light 1/3158i
053i53Holy Radiance Wizard2Light 2/3169i 160i 158i 158i 158i
209i209Sage Wizard4Light 3/3N/A
054i54Stygian Wizard1Dark 1/3159i
055i55Dusky Wizard2Dark 2/3170i 160i 159i 159i 159i
210i210Death Wizard4Dark 3/3N/A
056i56Scarlet Goblin1Fire 1/2161i
057i57Blaze Goblin2Fire 2/2N/A
058i58Cyan Goblin1Water 1/2162i
059i59Leviathan Goblin2Water 2/2N/A
060i60Jade Goblin1Nature 1/2163i
061i61Forest Goblin2Nature 2/2N/A
062i62Flame Minotaur2Fire 1/2161i 161i 155i
063i63Flame Totem3Fire 2/2N/A
064i64Ice Minotaur2Water 1/2162i 162i 156i
065i65Frost Totem3Water 2/2N/A
066i66Thorn Minotaur2Nature 1/2163i 163i 157i
067i67Sting Totem3Nature 2/2N/A
068i68Flame Soldier2Fire 1/2161i 155i
069i69Flame Warrior3Fire 2/2N/A
070i70Torrent Soldier2Water 1/2162i 156i
071i71Torrent Warrior3Water 2/2N/A
072i72Earth Soldier2Nature 1/2163i 157i
073i73Earth Warrior3Nature 2/2N/A
074i74Holy Soldier2Light 1/2164i 158i
075i75Holy Warrior3Light 2/2N/A
076i76Corrupt Soldier2Dark 1/2165i 159i
077i77Corrupt Warrior3Dark 2/2N/A
078i78Crimson Orc3Fire 1/2166i 166i 161i 161i 155i
079i79Flame Orc4Fire 2/2N/A
080i80Cyan Orc3Water 1/2167i 167i 162i 162i 156i
081i81Frost Orc4Water 2/2N/A
082i82Jade Orc3Nature 1/2168i 168i 163i 163i 157i
083i83Earth Orc4Nature 2/2N/A
084i84Topaz Orc3Light 1/2169i 169i 164i 164i 158i
085i85Incandescent Orc4Light 2/2N/A
086i86Violet Orc3Dark 1/2170i 170i 165i 165i 159i
087i87Luna Orc4Dark 2/2N/A
088i88Fire Hex3Fire 1/3166i 161i 155i 155i 155i
089i89Lina4Fire 2/3171i 147i 160i 155i 155i
201i201Flame Hex-Lina5Fire 3/3N/A
090i90Leviathan3Water 1/3167i 162i 156i 156i 156i
091i91Siren4Water 2/3172i 148i 160i 156i 156i
202i202Sea Nymph-Siren5Water 3/3N/A
092i92Treefolk3Nature 1/3168i 163i 157i 157i 157i
093i93Saros4Nature 2/3173i 149i 160i 157i 157i
203i203Tree Spirit-Alphard5Nature 3/3N/A
094i94Cupid3Light 1/3169i 164i 158i 158i 158i
095i95Angel4Light 2/3174i 150i 160i 158i 158i
204i204Herald Angel5Light 3/3N/A
096i96Night Demon3Dark 1/3170i 165i 159i 159i 159i
097i97Lilith4Dark 2/3175i 151i 160i 159i 159i
205i205Seductive Witch-Lilith5Dark 3/3N/A
098i98Flame Knight3Fire 1/2166i 166i 161i 155i 155i
099i99Phoenix Knight4Fire 2/2N/A
100i100Frost Knight3Water 1/2167i 167i 162i 156i 156i
101i101Pegasus Knight4Water 2/2N/A
102i102Tree Knight3Nature 1/2168i 153i 154i 163i 157i
103i103Dragon Knight4Nature 2/2N/A
104i104Radiant Knight3Light 1/2169i 169i 164i 158i 158i
105i105Paladin4Light 2/2N/A
106i106Lava Giant3Fire 1/2166i 166i 166i 166i 155i
107i107Lava Lord4Fire 2/2N/A
108i108Stygian Knight3Dark 1/2170i 153i 154i 165i 159i
109i109Death Knight4Dark 2/2N/A
110i110Vampire3Dark 1/2170i 170i 170i 170i 159i
111i111Vampire Lord4Dark 2/2N/A
112i112Dwarf Gunner3Fire 1/2154i 154i 153i 155i 147i
113i113Dwarf Cannon4Fire 2/2N/A
114i114Naga3Water 1/2154i 154i 153i 156i 148i
115i115Naga Lord4Water 2/2N/A
116i116Tree Spirt3Nature 1/2154i 154i 153i 157i 149i
117i117Jungle Hunter4Nature 2/2N/A
118i118Priest3Light 1/2154i 154i 153i 158i 150i
119i119Luminous Priest4Light 2/2N/A
120i120Warlock3Dark 1/2154i 154i 153i 159i 151i
121i121Shadow Warlock4Dark 2/2N/A
122i122Ares5Fire 1/2171i 160i 160i 147i 147i
123i123War God Ares6Fire 2/2N/A
124i124Poseidon5Water 1/2172i 160i 160i 148i 148i
125i125Sea God Poseidon6Water 2/2N/A
126i126Demeter5Nature 1/2173i 160i 160i 149i 149i
127i127Harvest God Demeter6Nature 2/2N/A
128i128Apollo5Light 1/2174i 160i 160i 150i 150i
129i129Sun God Apollo6Light 2/2N/A
130i130Artemis5Dark 1/2175i 160i 160i 151i 151i
131i131Moon Goddess Artemis6Dark 2/2N/A
132i132Volcanic Dragon5Fire 1/2171i 160i 160i 147i 147i
133i133Kilauea6Fire 2/2N/A
134i134Cataract Dragon5Water 1/2172i 160i 160i 148i 148i
135i135Niagara6Water 2/2N/A
136i136Alpine Dragon5Nature 1/2173i 160i 160i 149i 149i
137i137Rocky6Nature 2/2N/A
138i138Swift Dragon5Light 1/2174i 160i 160i 150i 150i
139i139Aurora6Light 2/2N/A
140i140Canyon Dragon5Dark 1/2175i 160i 160i 151i 151i
141i141Colorado6Dark 2/2N/A
142i142Flame Dragon - Philade6Fire 1/1N/A
143i143Ice Dragon - Eskelin6Water 1/1N/A
144i144Tree Dragon - Leaphern6Nature 1/1N/A
145i145Gold Dragon - Polaross6Light 1/1N/A
146i146Evil Dragon - Diffment6Dark 1/1N/A
182i182Fantasy Dragon-Fire5Fire 1/2154i 171i 171i 171i 147i
211i211Pyrotech6Fire 2/2N/A
183i183Fantasy Dragon-Water5Water 1/2154i 172i 172i 172i 148i
212i212Coral Reef6Water 2/2N/A
184i184Fantasy Dragon-Nature5Nature 1/2154i 173i 173i 173i 149i
213i213Shinra6Nature 2/2N/A
185i185Fantasy Dragon-Light5Light 1/2154i 174i 174i 174i 150i
214i214Thunder6Light 2/2N/A
186i186Fantasy Dragon-Dark5Dark 1/2154i 175i 175i 175i 151i
215i215Spectre6Dark 2/2N/A
187i187Zeus6Light 1/2?
188i188God Zeus7Light 2/2N/A
189i189Hera6Dark 1/2175i 175i 178i 151i 151i
190i190Evil Hera7Dark 2/2N/A
191i191Flame Devil2Fire 1/2161i 155i 155i
192i192Flame Demon3Fire 2/2N/A
193i193Frost Devil2Water 1/2162i 156i 156i
194i194Frost Demon3Water 2/2N/A
195i195Forest Devil2Nature 1/2163i 157i 157i
196i196Forest Demon3Nature 2/2N/A
197i197Eagle-Body Devil2Light 1/2164i 158i 158i
198i198Eagle-Body Demon3Light 2/2N/A
199i199Bloody Devil2Dark 1/2165i 159i 159i
200i200Bloody Demon3Dark 2/2N/A
216i216Turkey3Fire 1/2161i 155i 155i
217i217Peppery Turkey4Fire 2/2N/A
218i218Snowman3Water 1/2162i 156i 156i
219i219Terrorist Snowman4Water 2/2N/A
220i220Toy Solider3Nature 1/2163i 157i 157i
221i221Berserk Soldier4Nature 2/2N/A
222i222Gingerbread Man3Light 1/2164i 158i 158i
223i223Gingerbread Giant4Light 2/2N/A
224i224Buffoon3Dark 1/2165i 159i 159i
225i225Dangerous Buffoon4Dark 2/2N/A
226i226Santa's Helper4Light 1/3216i 218i 220i 222i 224i
227i227Santa's Claus5Light 2/3217i 219i 221i 223i 225i
228i228Santa?!6Light 3/3N/A
229i229Hephaestus5Fire 1/2171i 160i 160i 147i 147i
230i230God of Fire-Hephaestus6Fire 2/2N/A
231i231Dionysus5Water 1/2172i 160i 160i 148i 148i
232i232God of Wine-Dionysus6Water 2/2N/A
233i233Hermes5Nature 1/2173i 160i 160i 149i 149i
234i234God of Trickery-Hermes6Nature 2/2N/A
235i235Venus5Light 1/2174i 160i 160i 150i 150i
236i236Goddess of Love-Venus6Light 2/2N/A
237i237Hades5Dark 1/2175i 160i 160i 151i 151i
238i238God of Underworld-Hades6Dark 2/2N/A
239i239Red Rabbit2Fire 1/2161i 155i 155i
240i240Gunpowder Rabbit3Fire 2/2N/A
241i241Blue Rabbit2Water 1/2162i 156i 156i
242i242Lodestone Rabbit3Water 2/2N/A
243i243Green Rabbit2Nature 1/2163i 157i 157i
244i244Papercut Rabbit3Nature 2/2N/A
245i245Yellow Rabbit2Light 1/2164i 158i 158i
246i246Apothecary Rabbit3Light 2/2N/A
247i247Purple Rabbit2Dark 1/2165i 159i 159i
248i248Printer's Devil Rabbit3Dark 2/2N/A
249i249Fox3Fire 1/2161i 161i 161i 160i 171i
250i250Werefox4Fire 2/2N/A
251i251Snake3Water 1/2162i 162i 162i 160i 172i
252i252Werepython4Water 2/2N/A
253i253Tiger3Nature 1/2163i 163i 163i 160i 173i
254i254Weretiger4Nature 2/2N/A
255i255Crane3Light 1/2164i 164i 164i 160i 174i
256i256Werecrane4Light 2/2N/A
257i257Panda3Dark 1/2165i 165i 165i 160i 175i
258i258Werepanda4Dark 2/2N/A
259i259Zhu Que5Fire 1/2171i 171i 147i 147i 160i
260i260God Beast - Zhu Que6Fire 2/2N/A
261i261Xuan Wu5Water 1/2172i 172i 148i 148i 160i
262i262God Beast - Xuan Wu6Water 2/2N/A
263i263Qing Long5Nature 1/2173i 173i 149i 149i 160i
264i264God Beast - Qing Long6Nature 2/2N/A
265i265Bai Hu5Light 1/2174i 174i 150i 150i 160i
266i266God Beast - Bai Hu6Light 2/2N/A
267i267Kylin5Dark 1/2175i 175i 151i 151i 160i
268i268God Beast - Kylin6Dark 2/2N/A
270i270Clotho4Water 1/2269i 269i 172i 148i 160i
271i271Sister of Fate - Clotho5Water 2/2N/A
272i272Lachesis4Nature 1/2269i 269i 173i 149i 160i
273i273Sister of Fate - Lachesis5Nature 2/2N/A
274i274Atropos4Light 1/2269i 269i 174i 150i 160i
275i275Sister of Fate - Atropos5Light 2/2N/A
276i276Incineros6Fire 1/1N/A
277i277Pelagimort6Water 1/1N/A
278i278Cordilinquis6Nature 1/1N/A
279i279Welkinaphogus6Light 1/1N/A
280i280Abysmoristyx6Dark 1/1N/A
286i286Warm Heart3Light 1/3?
287i287Passion Link3Light 2/3?
288i288Cupids Curse3Light 3/3N/A
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