Dragems 维基

Quest Characteristic

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Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 Cycle 5 Cycle 6
Tower of the Element Giants Tower Altar of the High Lord Tomb of Saints Lost Canyon Dark Temple
Gauntlet of Dark Tomb of Corruption Castle of Midnight The Flowers Tower Abandoned Temples Bright Temple
Gauntlet of Light Shrine of Light Temple of Justice Tower of the Polar Light Mountain Top Natural sanctuary
Gauntlet of Nature Druid Grove Forest of Confusion Tower of the Light Great Falls Frost Temple
Gauntlet of Water Carvern of Misama Seabed Grotto Volcano Fire Shrine
Gauntlet of Fire Canyon of Flames Searing Desert
First Foray

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Property(屬性) Pets(寵物) Name(名稱) HP ATK(攻擊) CD(回合) Def(防禦) Drop(掉落)
Common Monsters Data(小怪資料)
Light 042i.png Glimmer Elf(☆) 160 127 3 6 042i.png
Light 052i.png Pale Wizard(☆) 260 179 2 9 052i.png
Fire 056i.png Scarlet Goblin(☆) 380 201 4 9 056i.png
Water 058i.png Cyan Goblin(☆) 380 203 4 9 058i.png
Light 158i.png Light Elemental(☆☆) 258 102 3 0 158i.png
Nature 152i.png Dragon seed(☆☆) 200 50 2 3 152i.png

Sunlight Elf



Property(屬性) Pets(寵物) Name(名稱) HP ATK(攻擊) CD(回合) Def(防禦) Drop(掉落)
Light 043i.png Sunlight Elf(☆☆) 4450 201 3 10 043i.png

Topaz Orc



Property(屬性) Pets(寵物) Name(名稱) HP ATK(攻擊) CD(回合) Def(防禦) Drop(掉落)
Light 084i.png Topaz Orc(☆☆☆) 4750 328 3 084i.png

Incandescent Dragon



Property(屬性) Pets(寵物) Name(名稱) HP ATK(攻擊) CD(回合) Def(防禦) Drop(掉落)
Light 015i.png Lucent Dragon(☆☆☆☆) 7100 283 2 013i.png

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011i.png Gauntlet of Nature

019i.png Gauntlet of Dark

Gem Quest

293i.png Shadow Dragon King(魅影龍王的領地 )

292i.png Holy Dragon King(聖光龍王的領地 )

291i.png Sacred Grove Dragon King(神木龍王的領地 )

290i.png Crystal Dragon King(水晶龍王的領地 )

289i.png Lava Dragon King(熔岩龍王的領地 )

238i.png Dark Temple(黑暗神殿 )

236i.png Bright Temple(光明神殿 )

234i.png Natural sanctuary(叢林避難所 )

232i.png Frost Temple(大冰窖 )

230i.png Fire Shrine(火焰神殿 )

141i.png Lost Canyon(失落峽谷 )

139i.png Abandoned Temples(廢棄神殿 )

137i.png Mountain Top(巨峰之巔 )

135i.png Great Falls(瀑布之底 )

133i.png Volcano(火山之口 )

130i.png Tomb of Saints(聖徒墓地 )

117i.png The Flowers Tower(森羅萬象 )

115i.png Tower of the Polar Light(陰冷之暗 )

113i.png Tower of the Light(火光之明 )

111i.png Altar of the High Lord(領主祭壇 )

020i.png Castle of Midnight(邪惡古堡 )

016i.png Temple of Justice(正義神廟 )

012i.png Forest of Confusion(迷亂森林 )

008i.png Seabed Grotto(海底洞穴 )

004i.png Searing Desert(灼熱沙漠 )

107i.png Giants Tower(巨人之塔 )

035i.png Tomb of Corruption(腐敗墓地 )

032i.png Shrine of Light(聖光神殿 )

029i.png Druid Grove(危險叢林 )

026i.png Cavern of Miasma(冰冷溶洞 )

023i.png Canyon of Flames(烈焰峽谷 )

106i.png Tower of the Element(元素之塔 )

019i.png Gauntlet of Dark(黑暗的試煉 )

015i.png Gauntlet of Light(聖光的試煉 )

011i.png Gauntlet of Nature(森林的試煉 )

007i.png Gauntlet of Water(寒冰的試煉 )

003i.png Gauntlet of Fire(火焰的試煉 )

082i.png First Foray(冒險的起點)