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In Material v.s Quest,you can known where can get these evolved material.

In Material v.s Pets,you can see what pets need these material

Material v.s Quest

MaterialQuest(Where can get it ?)
147iDefensors of Guardian(TUE),Temple of Fire,the drop rate is 100%
148iDefensors of Guardian(TUE),Temple of Water,the drop rate is 100%
149iDefensors of Guardian(TUE),Temple of Nature,the drop rate is 100%
150iDefensors of Guardian(TUE),rare appear in all lvl 5 ,if it appear in lvl 5 and then drop rate is 100%
151iDefensors of Guardian(TUE),rare appear in all lvl 5 ,if it appear in lvl 5 and then drop rate is 100%
152iFirst Foray , Gauntlet of Fire , Gauntlet of Water , Gauntlet of Nature , Gauntlet of Light , Gauntlet of Dark , Tower of the Element , Garden of Dragons(THU)
153iTower of the Element , Giants Tower , Garden of Dragons(THU)
154iGiants Tower , Searing Desert , Seabed Grotto , Forest of Confusion , Garden of Dragons(THU)
155iGauntlet of Fire , War of Elementals(FRI)
156iGauntlet of Water , War of Elementals(FRI)
157iGauntlet of Nature , War of Elementals(FRI)
158iGauntlet of Light , War of Elementals(FRI)
159iGauntlet of Dark , War of Elementals(FRI)
160iTower of the Light , Tower of the Polar Light , The Flowers Tower , War of Elementals(FRI)
161iCanyon of Flames , Hot WeaponBeginner , Zhu Que Falls , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Normal
162iCarvern of Misama , Frostbrand WeaponBeginner , Xuan Wu Falls , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Normal
163iDruid Grove , Feral WeaponBeginner , Qing Long Falls , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Normal
164iShrine of Light , Blessed WeaponBeginner , Bai Hu Falls , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Normal
165iTomb of Corruption , Fallen WeaponBeginner , Kylin Falls , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Normal
166iSearing Desert , Hot WeaponSkilled , Zhu Que FallsTemple , Spirit Rebellion (WED)
167iSeabed Grotto , Frostbrand WeaponSkilled , Xuan Wu FallsTemple , Spirit Rebellion (WED)
168iForest of Confusion , Feral WeaponSkilled , Qing Long FallsTemple , Spirit Rebellion (WED)
169iTemple of Justice , Blessed WeaponSkilled , Bai Hu FallsTemple , Spirit Rebellion (WED)
170iCastle of Midnight , Fallen WeaponSkilled , Kylin FallsTemple , Spirit Rebellion (WED)
171iTomb of SaintsSacred Cloister , Volcano , Fire Shrine, Hot WeaponMaster , Zhu Que FallsEndgame , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Difficulty
172iTomb of SaintsKingdom of the Dead , Great Falls , Frost Temple , Frostbrand WeaponMaster , Xuan Wu FallsEndgame , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Difficulty
173iTomb of SaintsTempal Portal , Mountain Top , Natural sanctuary , Feral WeaponMaster , Qing Long FallsEndgame , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Difficulty
174iTomb of SaintsGoddess Anger , Abandoned Temples , Bright Temple , Blessed WeaponMaster , Bai Hu FallsEndgame , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Difficulty
175iTomb of SaintsHigh Sacred Precincts , Lost Canyon , Dark Temple , Fallen WeaponMaster , Kylin FallsEndgame , Spirit Rebellion (WED)Difficulty
269iSpirit Rebellion (WED)Difficulty

Material v.s Pets

MaterialPets( Who will use this material )
147i003i 089i 112i 122i 132i 182i 229i 259i
148i007i 091i 114i 124i 134i 183i 231i 261i 270i
149i011i 093i 116i 126i 136i 184i 233i 263i 272i
150i015i 095i 118i 128i 138i 185i 235i 265i 274i
151i019i 097i 120i 130i 140i 186i 237i 267i
152i001i 003i 005i 007i 009i 011i 013i 015i 017i 019i 021i 022i 024i 025i 027i 028i 030i 031i 033i 034i
153i002i 003i 006i 007i 010i 011i 014i 015i 018i 019i 021i 022i 024i 025i 027i 028i 030i 031i 033i 034i 102i 108i 112i 114i 116i 118i 120i
154i003i 007i 011i 015i 019i 022i 025i 028i 031i 034i 102i 108i 112i 114i 116i 118i 120i 182i 183i 184i 185i 186i
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